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No Budget for Event Photography? Five Tips for DIY Photography Using Your Phone. If Your Game!

It’s no secret that budgets are tightening across the events industry. And professional photography is another added cost. Often, an event organiser will find that their budget simply won’t stretch to a first class photographer for the duration of their event. Or the event is simply too small to justify the cost. So, what can you do to resolve the issue? Nowadays, almost everyone has a pretty impressive camera in their pocket, 24/7. We’re talking smartphones!

Phone cameras have come on leaps and bounds in recent years, with the high Megapixel count and much improved lens technology, many smartphones can do a pretty good job when used correctly So, if you don’t quite have room for the photographer you’d like in your event budget, why not try DIY photography using your phone? Here are a few tips to ensure you make the most of your phone’s capabilities.

Think About Your Composition

Professional photographers have a fair few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to composition. So, follow their lead and think carefully about composition when snapping on your mobile. Most event photographers will be more than happy to offer advice for tips and tricks. If you’re taking portrait photographs at your event, make sure they pop by considering the background of your images.

A clean, white background can make for a high contrast, exciting portrait. You could also make use of a step and repeat board if there’s one available. Candid portraits work brilliantly for events - particularly if you’re looking to capture the moment a big speaker takes to the stage or a hotly anticipated new product is revealed to your excited attendees.

Get Social

One of the biggest benefits of taking your own event photographs is the fact that you have instant access to them, so make the most of it by sharing your snaps in real time on your company’s social media channels.

You can even display your event photography proudly on big screen displays. This is great way to boost your social engagement; it’s always a hit with guests. Check out Eventstag for some inspiration.

Whether you’re live blogging the day or just making the most of your hashtag, sharing photographs as the day unfolds is a great way to shout about your event. So make some noise!

Edit Your Photos on Your Phone

Professional photographers spend a great deal of time editing their photographs to make the images shine, so take a leaf out of our book and take the time to improve your images with the help of a few sneaky editing apps. You can make use of a whole range of different photo editing apps on your phone, making touch ups a breeze. We recommend VSCO, Snapseed, Enlight and Instagram as good entry-level options.

Whilst there is definitely a place for subtle filters in event photography, we would advise that you use these sparingly. Heavily edited photographs tend to be less impactful, as those viewing the images tend to find it more difficult to visualise themselves at your event. So, the more realistic the pictures look, the better.

Lights, Camera, Action!

One of the great things about high-end events is their impressive production, so it’s likely that you’ve already thought long and hard about your event lighting. And that’s great news for your photography.

Organising a summer party? Make the most of the light, no matter what the weather may be doing! Make sure you capture shots of your guests enjoying themselves al fresco as the sun sets, the natural light is particularly powerful at this time of day. If it’s an indoor, evening event, use spotlights or coloured lighting to capture wide room shots that show off your event in all its glory. It’ll make for some incredible photos.

Forget the Flash

When taking photos for events, you’ll want to ensure that your photography immerses viewers in the essence of the occasion, whether that be a party, prestigious dinner, cutting-edge conference or even a romantic wedding. If you’re hoping for a realistic photo you’ll definitely want to avoid the flash. Camera flashes, particularly those which are in-built on phones, give the photos a slightly fake look which might not captivate your audience quite as much. In some circumstances you might have to use the flash, though. If so, make sure you follow these tips to avoid flash blow out. Our tip, Leave the flash stuff to the professional photographers or practice, practice, practice.

Have you ever used your smartphone to take great event photography? Leave a comment or a question. And please share your favourite tips.

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