• Allen Mechen

"Shoot to kill" 6 killer tips to meeting clients expectations.

I love having that creative freedom and flexibility that photography brings me, but as a professional photographer, the buck stops with me to fulfil the client's needs and expectations. I have to meet the "brief." How can I do this effectively and still go above and beyond my client's expectations?

No 1. Make sure you know the clients brief fully.

Check what images they are looking for. Where are they going to use the images? Online, Social, Print. What do they not want?

No 2. What is a priority?

Establish the "must have images" of the event. This could be guest speakers, sponsors, vendor stands. CEO of a company. special guests. The list goes on. Make sure you nail these first.

No 3. How many images are they expecting?

Your clients will want the best images. Go for quality over quantity. Don't shoot 100 Close up images of the CEO in the same position. Offer up several shot variations and different poses. DO NOT BE LAZY!. I have seen photographers providing thousands of images to the marketing department with only a handful being usable. Please make sure your images are re-touched. Lazy photographers often pump out the jpeg versions with no thought of cleaning the picture in post. Your brand and reputation are the line.

No 4. Delivery.

How quickly do the marketing teams need the images? Some clients need photographs turned around very quickly on-site for conference updates or specific social media sites. You need to have this covered. Be prepared. Marketing teams will love you if you can supply a nice selection quickly.

No 5 Availability

be available on site. Give your details to all the people that need access to you. Have your mobile and check it regularly. Be flexible to jump to an area where the client may need you.

No 6. Creativity

Be creative. Look for alternatives. try different angles, try to capture events unfolding, images that tell part of the story of the event, and I am always thinking from the clients needs -How could this image be used, Where will it be used, how could this photograph resonate with their audience, could this be used in vendors publications and websites. Enjoy looking and trying new things. Once you have the priority images done, shoot outside of the normal and be creative. Look for the killer shot. "Shoot to Kill". Blow your client away with creative images.